Forget Me Nots to battle their way to kickball victory against Alzheimers

by Katherine on May 23, 2012

Life with Arie is all about the dogs/cats/ferrets/fish/birds/sugar gliders/miniature ponies/capybaras/you-name-its in our lives. In a nutshell, I’m an animal person. Though I spend most of my time helping creatures on four legs, sometimes I like to help those on two as well.

Our families make an impression on our souls–Mine has been touched by everyone from my loving parents to my dearest friends, including my childhood dog, Patches. I cherish the memories I have of those who are no longer with us, like Patches, as well as those I don’t see for a while. I’m sure many of you have such memories, whether they were created five minutes ago or 50 years ago. Now imagine not having them at all.

Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease that does just that–It steals your past and your loved ones from your mind, until you can’t even recognize them. Right now, my grandmother is in a nursing home. Some days, she knows exactly who I am–others, she doesn’t know me from her nurse. What causes this lap in memory? Alzheimer’s.

I want to help others receive the funding they need to fight this disease, and I’m going to have fun doing it. You’ve heard me mention Single Volunteer’s Atlanta before. SVA is growing, and our next big event is a kickball tournament to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. We’ll be donning t-shirts and sneakers to fight a disease the fun way–by playing kickball and raising funding.

go kickball ball in Atlanta

Who knew that this bad boy was in the disease fighting arsenal? Photo by MDG26 via Flickr CC.

Our team is called the “Forget me Nots” (adorable, I know), and we’re ready to play. While I can’t necessary say that we will win the tournament, I can say that we’ll have a blast being active¬†for a good cause and that we’re putting our hearts into raising money for this wonderful cause.

I’ve set my goal–for now–at a mere $100 for money to raise. Due to my impoverished post-collegiate life phase, I can’t do it alone. Every dollar helps–If you can, skip that afternoon soda from the break room, and help us in our goals! The team goal overall is $600, and though we’ve already passed that, I’m really hoping to pass my personal goal. If you’d like to contribute, here’s my Donation Page.

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Julie May 23, 2012 at 10:13 pm

I had a grandmother and grandfather pass away from Alzheimer’s – what a great way to raise money for such a great cause. I’ll be sure to visit your donation page!! Good luck meeting your goal!


Katherine Katherine May 24, 2012 at 12:49 pm

Thank you so much! share the link to spread the word! :)


Jodi May 27, 2012 at 8:57 pm

I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother Katherine, they are making strides every day for this horrible disease and I know very soon they will find a cure.

Kick ball was probably the only ‘athletic’ type game I could manage as a child. I bet you have a blast.


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