Dumpster Diving and Dog Nutrition: How Dogs View Dietary Health

by Katherine on February 4, 2013

Arie and I just moved into a home in the city of Atlanta (Hooray for being ITP! If you don’t know what ITP is, you probably don’t live in Atlanta, and that’s okay). Since moving in, the partners-in-crime..err…cats, have developed a new game to play with Arie. We’ll call it “dumpster diving”. This new game is helping Arie to eat things that she shouldn’t, taking our carefully set-out dog nutrition plan and tossing it out the window. Here’s a little bit about how “Dumpster Diving” is played:

How to Play “Dumpster Diving” as a cat:

Dumpster Diving is a simple game for the feline participant. You simply jump onto the counter, and wait. When the canine approaches, pick an object close to you–Any object. Now, lightly tap that object with your paw until it finally falls to ground where it either breaks, bounces, or sits peacefully. Now, watch.

How to Play “Dumpster Diving” as a dog:

Dumpster Diving is a game of opportunity for the canine participant. Your actions go like this: Mull around the house being a good girl. Chew on your Kong, eat a few bites of Nutro kibble, sleep. Eventually, look to find your favorite pals, the cats, and see what they’re up to. Oh, look! They’re in the kitchen, AND they want to PLAY! They’re tossing you toys! Hooray! OH OH OH! They’re tossing you treats! HOORAY!

How to Play “Dumpster Diving” as a human:

Dumpster Diving is like a game of keep-away for the human, except you’re always the kid in the middle and you just can’t seem to get that stupid ball. You go about your day, minding your own business, when you hear a sudden “THUMP!” in the kitchen. You walk in to find your beloved pets committing mischievous acts: Cats are on the counter, waiting to see if the dog will get in trouble. The dog looks up at you with guilt eyes, having just eaten/chewed/played with whatever the cats knocked to the floor. Your part in the game is to clean up whatever mess has just happened, and then repeat when the game is played again, all against your will.

Dumpster Diving’s Consequences: Dog Nutrition and Diet Issues

Why  call the game “Dumpster Diving”? The cats “dump” items from the counter and Arie “dives” for them. From a few rounds of “Dumpster Diving,” I’ve discovered that my cats can be even bigger jerks than I thought, that Arie is a trusting, gullible soul, and also that Arie doesn’t care about what she eats nearly as much as I do.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that dog nutrition, especially when it comes to dealing with common ailments, like allergies, is something that I care about. Your dog’s diet is important, but they might not be as strict about it as you are. In fact, The Nutro Company recently released an infographic that discusses that fact:

Nutro Ultra Infographic on how dogs and humans look at canine diets

Arie and I area going to work harder to make sure she’s only eating what’s good for her and what she loves, sticking to that grain-free diet to help with her allergies. What do you do to keep your pet away from foods that they shouldn’t eat, or to help them eat healthy?

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Jodi February 4, 2013 at 2:09 pm

Oooh, yes the cats. Our daughter took her cat home with her at Christmas, so we no longer have this issue.

Delilah is a counter surfer so I just don’t leave anything out on the counter. Except appliances and so far (knock on wood) she hasn’t eaten any of those. However if you saw today’s post, you’d see I have something worse than a cat….a husband who leaves all kinds of food items laying about for snooping food driven labs to enjoy.

Besides those random bits of eating, I try and keep them to a very firm schedule. Their raw food is weighed, and the treats they get are mostly vegetables or fruits. I do my best, but realize it ain’t always perfect. :-)

Welcome back Katherine! I’ve missed you!


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