The Dangers of Owning a Pit Bull

by Featured Guest Blogger on February 5, 2013

Our February Guest Post comes from Maggie Bailey, a former colleague and forever friend of mine. I hope you enjoy her guest post, “The Dangers of Owning a Pit Bull,” which details the risks and problems with having a bully breed in the family.

We have all heard what the media has to say about Pit Bulls and all Bully dog breeds. As the owner of a seven-year-old, 95-pound Pit Bull/Bulldog mix named Cody, I would love nothing more than to go to cities like Denver and Miami to argue with their governments and tell them why their discrimination is ridiculous and explain to them just how misinformed they are. Since that course of action has some logistical flaws in its execution, I thought I would share with you some of the lesser known dangers that I have encountered in my one-and-a-half years of owning a Pit Bull mix.

  1. First and foremost, the slobber. It is everywhere. I constantly feel like I am in the movie Turner & Hooch. Clothes, car seats, couches… it’s everywhere.
  2.  The gas. Oh, the gas. My dog farts like a grown man, but with less tact.
  3.  The men. Ladies, if you own a large and cool dog, you already know what a man magnet your dog can be. Seriously, this dog makes me look REALLY cool. So cool it can be dangerous.
  4.  The hugs. When you own a very large and strong dog, the love you get from them can be overwhelming. You know how good a big bear hug feels? It’s like getting 12 bear hugs a day. It’s scary.
  5. The cuteness. It is sinful. If you toss something up in the air for him, he jumps up to get it and plops down like a sack of big clumsy potatoes. Sometimes, when he gets confused in the middle of being excited, he will stop and slowly go from a smile to a frown, but two of his bottom teeth get stuck on his top lip and he looks like a big ole pouty-face. It will break your heart.

Sounds like a crazed monster, right? I know, it’s terrifying. I just can’t take it sometimes. When that big ole slobbery beast sees me come in the door and tromps down the stairs like the big red elephant he is, I can’t help but laugh and wonder how people could possibly think this guy is evil.

While owning a pit bull has been an amazing experience, there are precautions you should take:

  • First and foremost, be aware of the stereotype and respect it. For example, I read somewhere that pit bulls do not belong in a dog park, just for the sake of not making other dog owners nervous. It would be like having the smelly kid in school- you know your kid is fine, but the other parents give him dirty looks. No one wants that!
  • Secondly, do your homework. Make sure to research breed and dog ownership laws in your city and county. For example, DeKalb County, GA, requires all dogs to be registered in their internal system. If your dog gets out, gets stolen etc, you want to make sure you have fulfilled all legal obligations that will ensure that he or she is returned to you safely and promptly with no interference.
  • Lastly, as with any dog, make sure you are attentive to your pet, their behavior and their surroundings. Use your head – If you know your dog can be a little skittish around people, don’t throw large parties! If you know your dog has problems with food aggression, make sure anyone who will be feeding your dog is aware and don’t let strangers offer your dog treats.

In short, be a responsible pet owner and take care of a pit bull just as you would any other breed of dog, or any other animal for that matter. It’s that simple! Just beware of the slobber and the hugs. 

Katie here: Of course We wouldn’t tell you about Cody’s adorable-ness without sharing a few photos. You know me better than that. Feast your eyes on this adorable mug:


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Jodi February 6, 2013 at 11:13 am

You weren’t kidding when you said he was a big boy!! LOL but what a beautiful guy he is.

I admit, when I saw the title of this post I thought, WTF is Katherine thinking, but I’m so glad I read it! I wish more people thought this way.


Renee Mahoney February 6, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Katherine, I love your friend Maggie! Good for you Maggie! Cody is adorable and looks like a big sweetheart.


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