The cat has a death wish: Odd feline habits and more

by Katherine on February 7, 2013

Dramatic title, I know, but lately it has been well warranted around our house. The cats make guest appearances regularly here on “Life with Arie”, though I do usually blog about Arie. Lately, however, Briseis, one of the brother-and-sister duo, has apparently been craving attention. She shows this by trying to get herself killed.

I know what you’re thinking. The cat couldn’t possibly have a death wish! If you’ve seen my previous posts about the cats, you know that they’re the typical run of the mill cats. They each have an amazing personality and are loads of fun, but love typical cat things, like jumping into any empty box that’s hanging around, sleeping in the sun, and meowing when they can see the bottom of their food dish (even when there is still food present). While a typically laid back, albeit vocal cat, Briseis has lately taken a turn from complacent house cat to a feline Evil Knievel.

Exhibit A: Cat vs. Dryer

black cat perched in dryer

It’s so warm, and deathly.

Briseis has decided that any extra-warm place in the house is a GREAT place to curl up. Including the dryer, as displayed above. I check the dryer every. single. time. I do laundry now, afraid that, among the towels and jeans, a kitty cat may go unnoticed and be well on her way to an unpleasant tumble.

Besides the dryer, kitty has also tried to:

b) curl up in a cooling oven. YES, the oven. You read that correctly.

c) take a nap under an open recliner, which could easy be shut by an unsuspecting visitor, and

d) Tried to curl up on top of the curtains. While this may be a fine decision for some cats, mine are extremely clumsy, just like me.

Basically, the cat has a death wish, giving me a constant reminder that my daredevil of a feline may be lurking somewhere dangerous, and I should always keep a look out. If you own cats, I’m certain you’re already aware of this and keep an eye out for yours as well. I’ve taken to leaving blankets readily around on more surfaces in the house for her to curl up in, and have changed the thermostat from 68 degrees to 70 to  accommodate a warmth-seeking kitty. I also check the dryer, oven, etc. each time I use them to be sure that Briseis is well out of the way, and that Jasper hasn’t picked up on her bad habits.

What odd places have you found your pets in? What about odd habits? Share some odd-animal-behavior-solidarity in the comments section.

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Jen February 8, 2013 at 12:15 pm

I have to say, I love the pet naming convention in your household!

Elka is odd enough in that I’m not even sure what “dog” habits she should have (she’s my first dog, after all!) The other night, I put some leftover roast broccoli on top of her kibble, and she spent time picking the pieces of broccoli out to eat first. That’s kind of weird, right?


Katherine Katherine February 11, 2013 at 10:42 am

Thanks for the compliment, Jen! I’m very particular about my pet’s names, as I’m sure you were with Elka’s. Broccoli is something Arie won’t touch, so I find it impressive that Elka loves it so much!


Jodi February 11, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Our daughter’s cat (Bob) lived with us for a time. His favorite place to nap was the kitchen cabinet where we kept our pots and pans. He would actually open the cabinet with his paw and climb in there and go to sleep. When he was done, he’d push the door open.

Thankfully he never climbed into the dryer or oven though! That would worry me. LOL


Katherine Katherine February 12, 2013 at 10:38 am

Haha, it absolutely is worry-some. Bob sounds like a lot of fun! Briseis loves cabinets as well.


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