Do the Harlem Shake with your dog!

by Katherine on February 26, 2013

Have you been watching the latest dance-craze on the web? The Harlem Shake phenomena has spread across the internet with videos featuring everyone from random high school students to entire squads from the US Army shakin’ it out (See Buzz Feed’s collection of Harlem Shake Videos for fun).

Like any great internet trend, the Harlem Shake has indeed gone to the dogs, starting with everyone’s favorite pal, Snoopy:

After Snoopy brought the craze to the animal kingdom, a few other pups couldn’t wait to get in on it and show off their moves, joining the Harlem Shake dog craze on YouTube.

Arie and I sometimes dance around the house (Wipe that judgmental look off your face–I bet you dance your way through chores, cooking dinner, and more and your dogs join in. That’s right. I KNOW), and occasionally she’ll show off some sweet moves while trying to get a favorite treat, like ice.

While our moves may not be camera ready (ever), a few canines were ready to show off their skills in their Harlem Shake “dog edition” videos. Here are Arie’s top picks:

Let’s face it: No internet meme can reach true levels of fabulous without going to the dogs. Have you gotten into the Harlem Shake craze? Do you have any great Harlem Shake dog edition videos? Share your favorite videos in a link in your comment!

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Kristine February 26, 2013 at 11:15 am

Ha! These are all terrific, though Snoopy will always be first in my heart.

I am jealous of the editing skills in the dog party version! So cool!


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