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by Katherine on July 24, 2013

Wow. It’s almost August, which means that it has almost been five months since I published on Life with Arie. From the last year on this blog, you’ve seen me take a break for about a month or so here or there, but not like this; not a  complete and total blog siesta in No-Post Snoozeville. The truth is, over the past five months (almost 5 months…when you’re talking about not writing, the almost is important), I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with things in my own life, deciding whether to continue this dog blog, and growing as a person and as a professional.

Facing the demons

Since March I’ve been confronting a lot of things in my personal life. I turned 25 in February, and it was not an easy birthday. (For those of you who are older, yes I know that being 25 is basically still being a fetus, but try to remember what you felt like at 25. A quarter of a century is a daunting number when you’re facing it for the first time.) I went back and looked at a list of things I wanted to accomplish by this age, and realized how much I hadn’t done. After a few weeks of feeling like an utter failure, I had to set a new goal: Be happy.

Since then, I’ve started doing yoga, running a lot more (Arie is stupid happy about this life choice), and embracing my hobbies, my professional life, and my friends. One good/bad thing about being this age is that, while you’re not getting taller anymore, you do still grow in “spurts,” or so it seems to me. I feel like the past five months have changed me more as a person than I did last year, and all for the better.

While all of this has nothing to do with this blog, it has everything to do with the absence of this blog, as growing and hobbies and quarter-life reflection take time, and some of that time was blog writing time.

Contemplating new beginnings

If you look over the last, oh, say six posts on here, the don’t have the same joy and passion behind them as my older posts (or at least I hope you found the joy and passion in my older posts!). The truth is, my heart wasn’t here. I love my pets–They are the best companions I could ask for, and better people than some of the people I know. But. I was itching for a place to write about my life as well, about all of the changes and growth and passion coming from those two paragraphs before this one. I work full-time in online content creation and strategy, so the thought of handling two blogs at once + a full day of writing and editing just seemed like a recipe for burnout. I had to decide: Am  I keeping “Life with Arie,” or am I going to let this chapter of my writing die?

After a few months away, I’ve done nothing but miss this dog blog and my readers, and the great community we have here, so the answer is a resounding YES: Life with Arie is here to stay. I’ve also created my own little spot on the web over on Tumblr (hooray, microblogging!).

Let’s sexy-fy all of this rebirth and newness.

Now that we’ve gotten the ya-yas out in the sisterhood, swapped the proverbial traveling pants and what-not that happens when we pour out about our feelings on the web, it’s time to take all of that sharing and growth and make it better.

Let’s be honest: This site looks like 1998 and 2002 decided to make a love-child and call it a blog. Don’t get me wrong–This baby was a labor of love from a writer with zero design experience, no access to Photoshop, and, at the time, no knowledge of HTML (or JAVA, or CSS, or any computer language). That header? Confession: Built that sucker in PowerPoint…and it shows. All of this being admitted, a lovely friend and graphic designer is taking time out of his busy schedule to help me bring the sexy back to Life with Arie, so expect an online face lift in the coming months as we redesign the site.

Beyond just looks, Arie is getting her own social channels. While I will continue to write from my point of view, it was clear that Life with Arie needed its own voice in certain areas of the web. For now, I’m starting with our very own Instagram account so the animals no longer have to share their photo space with flowers, my friends, or me. They get to be true divas @lifewitharie on IG. Coming Soon: A separate Twitter account for Life With Arie as well, so that the doggie and kitty goodness can be kept separate from the manic musings of a caffeinated Content Specialist. I’ll let you know as soon as the tweets will be starting, but for now, go ahead and follow @lifewitharie on Twitter. You’ll feel good about it, as well as the karmic kickback that comes with following a tweet-less Twitter. I’ve also put a renewed effort into the Life with Arie Facebook Page, so if you’re not looking there, you’re missing out.

Lend me your ears!

Now that we’ve gotten all the goodness out, I want to hear from YOU. What have you missed from Life with Arie? What do you want to see more of? Rip it to shreds or build it up in the commentary–All of your input is welcome as we prep for all of the changes!

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Jen July 24, 2013 at 8:49 am

I’ve missed YOU. And Arie :D I’ve always enjoyed your entries, and I’m super excited you’re making a comeback.

Also, I’m you’re first Twitter follower ;)


Katherine Katherine July 27, 2013 at 11:42 pm

For some reason your comments were in spam! I’m glad to be back though, and happy to have you as my first twitter follower. :D You’re the best, Jen, and I’ve missed you and Elka, too!


Jodi August 19, 2013 at 12:44 pm

I’ve missed you and Arie of course. I have to try and figure the damn twitter stuff out. Right now, I’m just flummoxing along! Where can I get more time in my day?


Singing Dogs June 15, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Yeah, getting older sucks. Should have enjoyed being a kid when all the adults were telling us. :)


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